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Sausage, Kale, and Navy Bean Soup


While it’s still cold and soup still sounds good, I wanted to get another soup recipe up here. This is one I adapted from a Food in Jars post, and canned to send to friends and family for Christmas. Even though it has sausage in it, there isn’t a lot, and it has a bunch of vegetables, so it’s pretty healthy.

Start by softening the beans by soaking them overnight or, if you have a pressure cooker, cook them for 30 minutes in that.

Then add some olive oil to a large pot and once it’s hot, cook the vegetables until softened and browned.


Next, add the sausage to the pot and brown it.

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Spicy Pickles


I love spicy foods. Not the tear your head off, how hot can you make it sort of spicy, but a good solid heat. I also love the balance of sweet and spicy, which is why I find these pickles to be positively addictive. I often have a jar of them open when I’m cooking, and just snack on one occasionally. They’re also fabulous on pulled pork.

The first step is to slice all of your cucumbers and onions and put them with water and pickling salt in a large, nonreactive bowl for 2 hours. This draws moisture out of the cucumber so it will result in a crisper pickle. Oh, and the reason you’re seeing such huge quantities is that I’m making a quadruple-sized batch for Christmas gifts. Normally a simple stockpot or lage bowl would suffice.


After 2 hours, rinse the cucumbers and onions thoroughly, then drain them and set them aside. Now, it’s time to make the brine. First, take the garlic, red peppers, and habaneros, and puree them in a food processor. I like doing this because it makes sure the heat is very finely distributed among all the pickles. You could also chop everything very fine, but I prefer to avoid direct chopping of habaneros if at all possible. Add the vinegars, tumeric, sugar, mustard seed, cloves, and pepper/garlic puree to a large stockpot, and bring to a boil.

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Today’s post is going to be quick and easy. I’m working my way through a list of gifts to can and give to friends for Christmas, and this is one of the easiest. You take a bunch of ingredients, run them through a food processor, then put ’em in jars and water bath can them quick. So. here we go:

Get a bunch of your favorite salsa ingredients and chop them. I use roma tomatoes, garlic, jalapenos (half roasted), a bell pepper, some onion, dried ancho chiles (though california or other dried chiles work too), a little olive oil, lime juice, and some chili powder for extra heat.


Mix them together in a bowl.

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Coleslaw, the right way


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I grew up not really being a big fan of coleslaw. There was always too much mayonnaise and not enough flavor. Until I discovered that around Carolina, they do theirs with a vinegar base. Finally, a coleslaw I could love. And here is my recipe for that, with the bonus that it can be canned, allowing for a stockpile of instant bbq side dishes.

Start by shredding the cabbage. Personally, I like a little texture but not long strings.


Add some shredded veggies. In my case, I like red onion, carrot, and red bell pepper.

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Tomato Jam

Tomato Jam

Here’s the first of my two recent lets-see-what-happens savory jam attempts, the other being a peach mostarda. Both came out amazing, and are rapidly disappearing from my house. This tomato jam recipe… all I can say is make this right now. Toast some bread, slather some brie on it, and top it all with this. Crackers work too, but with fresh bread it’s simply amazing. I’d also suggest trying on grilled cheeses (my recipe for those coming soon) or in the place of ketchup. I found this recipe at the fabulous Food in Jars blog here:

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