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Roasted Vegetable Panini


Today marks the start of a new series of posts on this blog, which I’m calling Technique Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I’ll post a new dish which features a basic cooking technique, and go over that technique in greater than usual detail. Hopefully this will help everyone learn a bit more about the nuts and bolts of cooking.

Today we’re going to be broiling vegetables. Broiling is wonderful for browning, melting crumbs, and cooking thin foods. For example, it’s great for fish, thin vegetables, and garlic bread. It’s not good for thicker foods, such as potatoes, large cuts of meat, or actually baking bread. Generally broiling is done 4-5″ from the heating element of your oven (measured to the top of the food, not the rack), so I usually use the second rack down in my oven. If I’m broiling something very burn-sensitive like a quick brown on a breadcrumb topping, though, the third down might be better for more even browning and less chance of burning. You want to watch the food closely when broiling, since the difference between browned and burnt is less than a minute.

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A Grilled Cheese Revolution

A Grilled Cheese Revolution

If you’re a cheese fan the way I am, and especially a spicy fan, you’re going to love this. I discovered it via the wonderful Joy the Baker (, and became an instant convert. So did everyone else around me. And that was before we added bacon jam to it, and we haven’t even tried the tomato jam on it for the vegetarians. The bacon… raised it to perfection. I’m sure the tomato will do no less.

So, to make this, you need a sourdough loaf, or bread of choice, pepperjack cheese, cream cheese, and jalapenos. That’s it. A little butter is nice, but an olive oil spray or other way to make bread toast better is fine.

First, roast the jalapenos, peel off blackened skins, and dice them. Deseed them if you don’t like spicy, leave the seeds in if you’re like me. Then spread a layer of cream cheese on the bread, and layer with jalapenos.

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